Surgery is a Team Sport

We're glad you agree. Now imagine if you could bring the right expertise into your procedure space from across the hospital enterprise or around the world, at anytime. With MedPresence™, the first medical virtual presence solution from Image Stream Medical, you can now empower clinical teams to work in ways never before possible, practical or cost-effective.

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Learn how medical virtual presence enables new collaboration models that improve surgical team communication, care quality, and efficiency. 

  • Improving Teamwork – How do you currently communicate visual information... Are there any gaps or limitations… Where are they opportunities to improve your effectiveness in real-time?
  • Increasing Care Quality – The CDC estimates that on any given day, about 1 in 25 hospital patients has at least one healthcare associated infection. Do you know of new HAI prevention programs that can augment the effectiveness of your existing strategies with no extra cost?
  • Expanding EfficiencyWhen something comes up mid-case, how long does it take to reach a consulting physician? How effective are your conversations?

What's included in the educational email series?

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The Six Critical Care Team Communication Competencies Changing how Hospitals Reduce HAI Risk Mentoring Today's Physicians - Virtually

Who should sign up?

Administrators, Clinicians, and OR Managers who work in an image-centric, high acuity procedure room where it's critical to provide real-time sharing of procedural imagery, clinical applications, and equipment in a secure, HIPAA compliant manner.